West Papua Liberation Organization

Office: Jembatan Pasir Putih. Manokwari. Papua Barat.

About Us

West Papua is the Western Part of New Guinea island in South Pacific Ocean that was took over by Indonesia since 1960s through their Communist Strategy finally US and it’s Allied States pressured the Dutch to delete the Country of West Papua although Nederland Kingdom had prepare it in Decolonization process at year 1945 – 1962 and let this island to join with Indonesia since 1 May 1963.

Because of that, finally Dutch Kingdom signed the New York Agreement in August 15th 1962 in United Nation building then went out from West Papua. In New York Agreement had prepare the Rights of Self Determination in West Papua at Article 18 but the Process in the field were deferent (not according to that Article) where Indonesia had choose 1026 representatives of Indigenous Peoples then put them into one house and every day they were intimidate, terror, lattered, and kidnap. The Indonesian (not Indigenous of Papuan) also join and hoose their voice in that Self Determination although in Article 18 said not for
foreign peoples. Indonesia and United Nation also had break over that Agreement because not sportive to give the Rights of Self Determination in West Papua at year 1969. This is the UN’s failure to give the opportunity of Self Determination in this World and let Papuan Indigenous to suffering in their land until now.

So, we will be fighting forever in this World until we get back our Nation of West Papua. Because of that, so many peoples of West Papuan were kill and life in exile like in Europe, Pacific, America, and in this World.
The Government of Indonesia never developed us with good though but only developed our Land and Natural Resources only and genocide us then sent number of migrants came to West Papua island finally it make we were the minority in our island of West Papua.
We have suffered long time but we could not share our Problem to International Community because Indonesia always pressured us in Economic Income, Political, Education, Jobs, Genocide, Marginalization, Ethnocide, Racial Discrimination, etc. Finally, West Papua Indigenous Peoples life under Poverty in Indonesia Country.
So, we are the West Papua Indigenous Peoples build this organization to Promote & Protect the Rights of West Papua Indigenous according to United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Article 3 and International Covenant on Civil & Political rights article 1.